Office Productivity Tools for students and professionals

Power Office
This course is intended for office workers or professionals who would like to equip themselves with the basic skills to operate the personal computer and common office applications for Windows environment.

1.     Introduction to Computers
2.     DOS / MS Windows
3.     Windows
4.     Microsoft Word
5.     Microsoft Excel

P 2,500.00 – 30 HOURS

Power Apps Programming
This course is designed for those who wish to become application programmers using Microsoft Access & Visual Basic. It also covers the different phases of information systems development.

1.     Basic Computer Concepts
2.     Logic Formulation
3.     Microsoft Access
4.     Visual Basic
5.     Systems Analysis & Design

P 6,500.00 – 80 HOURS

Power Graphics
This course is designed for engineers, architects, designers, draftsmen & others who would like to equip themselves with the basic skills to operate computer-aided tools for design and drafting works.

1.     Windows
2.     Corel Draw
3.     IntelliCAD / AutoCAD
4.     Photoshop

P 5,500.00 – 50 HOURS

Power Webmaster
This course is designed for programmers, analysts and other IT Professionals who wish to understand the basic principles of the internet, operate popular web-browsing software and develop interactive web pages.

1.     Windows
2.     Web Browsers
3.     Network Concepts
4.     HTML and JAVA
5.     E-Commerce Concepts

P 5,500.00 – 5O HOURS