To be the innovator in providing globally-competitive education and academic excellence in the field of arts and sciences; responsive to the demands of the industrial revolution and contemporary world.


  1. To establish linkages with leading academic and industry experts
  2. To achieve the highest international level of excellence through high-impact quality research, development & publication
  3. To provide an environment that fosters the welfare and development of the stakeholders
  4. To nurture a community of successful and socially-responsible learners and leaders
  5. To provide accessible and cost-effective education for all

Goals and Objectives

  1. To employ highly-qualified teaching personnel and research faculty
  2. To facilitate industry-based faculty development programs
  3. To develop up-to-date curricula and course materials
  4. To cater quality student services
  5. To enjoin community outreach/extension programs
  6. To provide state-of-the art facilities
  7. To improve quality of living of the stakeholders