4 Year B.S. Degree Courses

4 YEAR B.S. in Computer Science

This course is designed to equip the students with the knowledge of computer designs. It aims to produce graduates who can respond to changes in information technology.

This course is available in AICS Commonwealth, Caloocan, Bicutan and Dau.

4 YEAR B.S. in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship course prepares individual to start and manage their own business. It aims to develop entrepreneurs who are motivated and knowledgeable in identifying opportunities, developing and preparing business plans and actually starting and managing a business.

This course is available in AICS Commonwealth, Caloocan and Dau.


5 YEAR B.S. in Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering course prepares the students for professional engineering career who will effectively & efficiently meet the scientific, technological and various needs of business, industries and communities in the global economy.

This course is available in AICS Commonwealth.

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