2 year Computer Courses

1.     2 Year Computer Science Course

           TESDA Programs:   Programming NC IV, CESD Oracle NC IV, CESD Java NC IV 

Computer Science is a course that deals with the study of theory, analysis, design and application of different programming languages and how they can efficiently perform specific tasks like computations through basic and complex operations, including storing, retrieving and transforming variety of information.

This course is designed to produce highly competitive IT professionals with specialization in software design and development, database and web-based applications.

With the industry's growing demand for programmers, AICS has devised means to give its students the chance to be globally competitive. To hold true to its objective of providing sufficient Technical Training and Programming Skills to the students, AICS has engaged partnership with three of the world's I.T.'s giants –The CISCO Networking Academy, Oracle Corporation and Sun Microsystem. Respectively, the three certification programs incorporated in the curriculum, would definitely benefit the students as they embark on a more advanced world of IT.


2.    2 Year Computer Technology Course

           TESDA PROGRAMS:   Electronics Product Assemble and Servicing NC II, Computer Systems Servicing NC II

This course is designed to produce skilled computer technician trained to service & maintain computer equipment & develop up-to-date knowledge & techniques that will enable him to cope with the ever-changing trends and advancement in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

The basic principles and concepts behind every technological advances is fully discussed and applied which includes in-depth theories, practical applications and actual troubleshooting to further improve and enhance the learning process on every topics presented.

The emergence of the CISCO Networking Program, incorporated in its curriculum, further equips the students with the necessary skills & training in the field of Networking. The CISCO Networking Program entitles the students with an industry-standard certifications which can be their global passport to work anywhere in the world.


3.  2 Year Business Information Management Course

           TESDA PROGRAMS:   Bookkeeping NC II, Contact Center Services NC II

This course is designed to provide students w/ the knowledge & understanding on the role of information system in today's business environment making them proficient in day to day office tasks & procedures using communication skills as the primary means & computer as a basic tool.

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